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Supporting biodiversity in Colombia

Here you can find out about the updates of the BRIDGE network of partnerships.

Earlham Institute Host Colombian Science Delegation To Drive Sustainable Innovation For Biodiversity

5 December, Norwich, UK.

The Earlham Institute (EI) hosted a senior delegation from four of Colombia’s national science organisations; AGROSAVIA (Colombian Corporation of Investigation on Agriculture), Humboldt Institute, IIAP (Spanish for Environmental Research Institute of the Pacific) and SINCHI (Amazon Scientific Research Institute).

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A data revolution to GROW Colombia’s bioeconomy

9 October, Bogota, Colombia.

Colombia’s biodiversity is soon to be revealed in greater depth than ever before, stimulated by a new consortium that will allow the world’s second most megadiverse country to help drive the big data revolution.

The “C3Biodiversidad” consortium, created by 16 leading Colombian institutions with the support of Earlham Institute, BRIDGE Colombia, and GROW Colombia, will build capacity in research cyberinfrastructure in a country teeming with wildlife and biological information.

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GROW Amazon Adventures: River Dolphin Diary

8 October, Puerto Nariño, Colombia.

As part of the GROW Colombia team, GCRF fellow Jaime Erazo recently embarked on an Amazon expedition to help share expertise in fostering sustainable ecotourism and scientific research - meeting local, indigenous tribes and tagging river dolphins in the process.

Ecotourism is a model that has, through various examples worldwide, helped to stimulate local economies through sharing indigenous knowledge with scientific research, all while providing unique visitor experiences to more adventurous tourists looking to stray off the beaten track.

Read Jaime's River Dolphin Diary with Photos: here

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BRIDGE Colombia Day 2018

11 October, Bogota, Colombia.

The BRIDGE Colombia Day 2018 will be held as part of the Integration Workshop, supported by the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council, for winners of the Newton-Caldas awards, in association with Colciencias. Attendance is by invitation only.

Delegates will hear from a range of speakers from government, NGOs, academic institutions and the private sector. The founder and director of the BRIDGE Colombia network, Professor Federica Di Palma, will lead the day.

The objective is to widen the network to include further organisations as members and to facilitate and strengthen ongoing opportunities for knowledge exchange between Colombia and the UK.

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GROW Colombia 2018 Annual Meeting

16-18 October, CIAT, Cali, Colombia

The GROW Colombia meeting will review progress achieved to date and look ahead to the remaining three years of the project.

Delegates will comprise members and partners of the GROW Colombia project.

As Principal Investigator of the GROW Colombia project, Professor Federica Di Palma will lead the three day annual meeting.

Attendance is by invitation only.

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Thursday December 7th 2017

EVENT: Doing Science in Colombia

HOSTED BY: Colombian Embassy, UK

VENUE: Natural History Museum, London

ABOUT: An opportunity to understand funding opportunities available for researchers interested in collaborating with Colombia. Federica Di Palma, Director of Science at Earlham Institute will be providing a perspective on the exciting BRIDGE Col network and the important work to understand, promote, and preserve Colombia’s biodiversity.